E3 Predictions: PlayStation

For the last two years, Sony has been upping the ante at E3. In 2015, headlines were made with the re-reveal of The Last Guardian as well as fan favorites Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue III‘s Kickstarter launch. In 2016, Sony turned to their exclusive catalog, showing off God of War, Days Gone, Spiderman PS4, Crash Bandicoot 1-3 Remastered, and of course, the return of Hideo Kojima alongside his new project, Death Stranding. It seems … Continue reading E3 Predictions: PlayStation

E3 Predictions: Bethesda

In recent years, Bethesda has gone from new kid on the block to E3, officially wrapping up the first day of press conferences. The interesting thing about Bethesda conferences is that they tend to go for less quantity and more quality. Ultimately, they typically eschew rapid-fire teasers and engage in prolonged discussions and demos of their upcoming titles and it is a welcome change. There … Continue reading E3 Predictions: Bethesda

E3 Predictions: Microsoft

Ever since they introduced the gaming world to the concept of Scorpio at E3 last year, Microsoft has been working overtime to repair their image with hardcore gamers. Promising a high-powered console that would essentially represent a generational leap is a bold move for Microsoft, but if they can nail the messaging and succeed on the vision, this could be one heck of an E3. … Continue reading E3 Predictions: Microsoft

The Perfect Switch Launch Games

On October 20th, Nintendo finally showed off its ambitious new console for the first time. Since then, the Nintendo Switch has been building hype online with rumors detailing a dream launch lineup and an even better first year. With new games in the Zelda, Mario, and Pokemon franchises alongside ports of some of Wii U’s biggest titles and Virtual Console surprises like Mother 3 all rumored, the stage was set for Nintendo’s full … Continue reading The Perfect Switch Launch Games

MCV: Big First Party Titles for NX Launch Window 

Sources have told MCV that Nintendo’s upcoming NX platform is slated to have a “dream” lineup during the launch window. In the first six months, we should see the already announced The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in addition to a new Mario game and a Pokémon title by GameFreak. With three of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, the first party lineup will be well represented from the start on the … Continue reading MCV: Big First Party Titles for NX Launch Window 

GameStop Continues to Diversify, Acquires 507 AT&T Mobile Stores

As video game retail sales have begun to stagnate in recent years, GameStop has begun shifting its focus towards new markets as a means of maintaining its growth as a company. In 2011, the retail giant began its phone trade-in program, now a pillar of the business. Just this year its new publishing arm – GameTrust – was announced, leading to the release of the first video game … Continue reading GameStop Continues to Diversify, Acquires 507 AT&T Mobile Stores

Review: ABZÛ

While I do my best to keep ABZÛ’s mysteries alive for the reader, this review may contain minor spoilers. In 2012, Journey captivated the gaming industry with its gorgeous art style and breathtaking musical score. After its release, Journey‘s art director Matt Nava left developer thatgamecompany to found his own studio and serve as creative director on a passion project of his own. With a new team at Giant Squid Studios on board … Continue reading Review: ABZÛ

Successful Debut for Evo Finals on ESPN

Two weeks ago, the world’s largest fighting game event – Evo – broke ground by broadcasting its final event live on ESPN2. While the television broadcast differed from the official Twitch stream with its own commentators and cutaways, it appears that the ESPN broadcast was a success. To put these numbers into perspective, the nearly 2 million viewers is slightly higher than the average Sunday … Continue reading Successful Debut for Evo Finals on ESPN

Report: Nintendo NX is the Long-Rumored Hybrid Console

Eurogamer published two reports on Tuesday regarding the upcoming Nintendo NX. The information shared in these reports confirmed quite a few rumors that have been circulating over the past year and brought to light some new information that paints a clearer picture of what the NX will be when it is released next March. Perhaps the biggest story in all of this revolves around the NX’s … Continue reading Report: Nintendo NX is the Long-Rumored Hybrid Console

XBOX One Discounted for Limited Time

According to a tweet from XBOX’s Major Nelson on Sunday, 500GB XBOX One consoles are set to be discounted to $249 for a limited time starting immediately: Starting today and for a limited time in the US: All 500GB Xbox One Consoles will be $249 https://t.co/Byg74z1lvo pic.twitter.com/XITBD8C260 — Larry Hryb (@majornelson) July 24, 2016 This sale price comes after a string of recent bundle deals leading up … Continue reading XBOX One Discounted for Limited Time