EA Publishing Unravel Sequel?

Last year at their E3 press conference, EA surprised the industry by announcing a partnership with Coldwater Interactive to publish a smaller title that would typically be an indie venture. That game was Unravel, the tale of a small figure named Yarny made of – you guessed it – yarn.

At least in part due to the sheer unexpectedness of its announcement, Unravel immediately captured the adoration of many in the gaming press. Its beautiful art style and musical score were apparent in the initial trailer and many believed EA had a sleeper hit on their hands. Well, it turns out Unravel did pretty well. At least we can infer some level of success based on yesterday’s news…


Via press release, EA announced that it will be partnering with Coldwater Interactive for their second project. While details are scarce at the moment, a little cyber sleuthing by NeoGAF user JehutyRunner gives us a hit at what may be coming next:

I just went back and listened to the Investor Day webstream and [Executive VP of EA Studios, Patrick] Söderlund definitely says Coldwood are working on “the next version of Unravel.”

So Unravel 2. There you go.

It’s unclear if Söderlund’s comment about “the next version of Unravel” specifically means a sequel is coming or if it just means that Coldwater Interactive will be working on a spiritual successor to the charming platformer, but hopefully we’ll get more informaiton soon!

Perhaps at EA Play next month?

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