Return to Arkham: Too Little Too Late?

Remastered games have become ubiquitous this generation with nearly every major publisher getting in on the action. We’ve seen remasters of games in the UnchartedGears of WarHaloResident Evil, and Zelda series and those are far from the only examples. Despite being from different publishers, genres, etc…all of those series do have one thing in common.

They each preceded a new major entry in the franchise.

That’s what is so interesting about the latest remaster news that dropped today. Warner Bros. announced the Return to Arkham collection, including updated versions of Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City for the PlayStation 4 and XBOX One. Aside from being one of the worst kept secrets in video games for the past year, remastered versions of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City just seem unneccessary. In all of the cases listed above, publishers were releasing remasters to drum up hype for the next big entry in their respective franchises. That does beg the question though…

Are we about to see WB Montreal’s next game revealed at E3?


It’s long been rumored that WB Montreal has been working on a Justice League game after the release of Arkham Origins in 2013. If that’s indeed the case, it would make some sense for Warner Bros. to get all of their Batman games onto current gen hardware in preparation. But that’s the other strange part of this announcement…it isn’t every Batman game that’s getting remastered.

While it wasn’t developed by Rocksteady like the other Arkham games, I still find it odd that Arkham Origins won’t be included in this remastered collection. Sure, it isn’t part of the “Rocksteady Trilogy,” but many people played and enjoyed it just the same. To leave it out of a remastered collection at this point is nearly akin to stripping it from series canon.


All things considered, I’m not sure if the Return to Arkham collection is foreshadowing a big announcement out of WB Montreal, but it certainly seems like the timing is right. With over two years of development in the rearview, whatever their next project may be is likely getting ready to be shown for the first time soon. We’ll just have to wait until E3 to see if this is the year!


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