Destiny: Rise of Iron Expansion Leaked

Update (5/20/16): While I stated below that the raid included in Rise of Iron is based on one originally cut from House of Wolves, that information has since been walked back on Kotaku’s article as incorrect. The raid was built from scratch and started last year. As was originally stated the raid will indeed have a Fallen focus, but with a twist per Kotaku.

Original Story: Yesterday, Reddit user viking805fan shared an image of what appeared to be a promotional poster for Destiny: Rise of Iron. There was some concern about its authenticity since a similar image had been posted earlier in the day by another user who later deleted the image and his entire account. However, with his excellent connections to Bungie, Jason Schreier at Kotaku was quicklky on the case.

Last night, Jason was able to confirm through his sources that Destiny: Rise of Iron is in fact the name of an expansion pack slated for September 2016 and that the marketing materials are authentic.

A look at the full poster…

While a proper sequel to Destiny will have to wait until 2017, Activision recently confirmed via earnings report that an expansion pack will be released this September to help hold fans over until 2017, a strategy that saw success with last year’s Taken King expansion. For now, we do know that this expansion will include a new raid. Kotaku’s sources tell them that it will likely be a Fallen raid based on one that was originally cut from 2015’s House of Wolves.

Since its original announcement, Destiny has been closely tied in with the PlayStation brand. Both the original game and last year’s expansion pack were paired with custom PS4 consoles, PlayStation-exclusive content, and large E3 announcements on the Sony stage. This seems likely to continue with Rise of Iron as Sony has only gotten closer with Activision as the generation has gone on.

While it isn’t clear yet what the expansion will contain outside of a new raid, it seems likely then that Rise of Iron will be revealed at Sony’s E3 Press conference on June 13th at 6pm PDT.

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