Riptide GP2 (PS4)

During the latest PlayStation Store Flash Sale a couple weekends ago, one of the games that caught my eye was a jet ski racing game named Riptide GP2. At just under two dollars, it’s an easy purchase just to see what it’s all about, but I did some quick research anyway since it was giving me Jet Moto and Wave Race 64 vibes.

Apparently, Riptide GP2 is an iOS/Android port that made its way over to PC and consoles. But was it worth the $1.74 sale price?

In short, absolutely.

Riptide GP2 3

When I launched the game for the first time, I jumped right into the career mode to get a quick feel for the gameplay. Right away, I was surprised by how tight the controls are. Turns require a bit of care to get through unscathed and a boost mechanic allows you to overcome the competition on straightaways.

After playing a few more races in the career mode, I noticed that my bankroll was growing from winning events and decided to look into what I could buy with it. Much to my surprise, Riptide GP2 has a fairly deep progressions system. There are a number of new jet skis available for purchase as well as upgrades, tricks, and paint jobs. It’s a pretty robust system for a mobile title and could certainly keep completionists busy for a while.

Riptide GP2 Split Screen.jpg

One feature specific to the PC and console versions is local multiplayer. In an industry that seems content to move away from split screen gaming – even though our TVs are only getting bigger – it’s always nice to see smaller studios integrating it into their games. As with most racing games, it’s a feature that fits perfectly in Riptide GP2. While local multiplayer is often an expectation in the racing genre, it’s something I was pleasantly surprised to see in a budget mobile port.

Besides being incredibly feature packed for its price, Riptide GP2 is just plain fun. I don’t expect anyone to get 40+ hours of play from it, but at this price point – it normally sells for $6.99 – it’s the type of game that any racing fan should consider picking up and messing around with, especially if you have access to 4 controllers. While I’m not too far into the career mode yet, I look forward to playing more of the game and getting more chances to put the split screen racing through its paces!

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