Watch Dogs 2 Confirmed for E3?

While the Watch_Dogs sequel was a pretty safe bet for E3 2016 given its fall release window, nothing has been officially confirmed by Ubisoft. However,  YouTuber theRadBrad posted what seems to be an official marketing kit for the upcoming game captioned “Thanks for the Watch Dogs 2 gift box.”

This follows a series of leaks from Kotaku and the game’s supposed lead actor that have suggested Watch_Dogs 2 will take place in San Francisco and feature a new protagonist. While a new city seems like the right move to keep the open world feeling fresh, the new protagonist is likely a response to widespread criticisms of the original game’s protagonist, Aiden Pearce.


While the game had some good ideas and mechanics, many players found Pearce to be unlikable, something that Ubisoft likely took into account when releasing a lengthy piece of DLC featuring a new playable character.

While much of this is still speculation, it seems like an increasingly safe bet that we’ll see more of Watch_Dogs 2 at Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference at 1pm PT on June 13th!

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