So E3 is just two days away. With five press conferences just around the corner, I wanted to use today’s post to lay out the upcoming conference schedule and let you in on Non-Linear Gaming’s plans for coverage…

Conference Schedule

Credit to Cheesemeister on Twitter for this incredibly helpful graph!

Coverage Plans

I’m typically a sucker for E3 and this year is no different. As someone who doesn’t have physical access to the expo, my coverage of the event will be limited to my opinions of each press conference as well as gameplay demos shown on various live streams.

My plan is to complete an individual write-up for each press conference after it wraps up and have it posted before the next show begins. Because of this, I don’t plan on having a separate blog post ready for Monday morning. With all the news coming out of the show, however, I expect to fall back into a normal schedule for the rest of the week starting on Tuesday.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy our coverage over the next week, but most of all…enjoy E3!