E3 2016: Bethesda Press Conference

After EA’s less-than-stellar press conference on Sunday, Bethesda took to their stage to let the world know what they have in the pipeline and they started off with a bang…

Quake Champions


Bethesda kicked off their conference with a bang, showing off a trailer for the first Quake game in nearly ten years. While the trailer wasn’t gameplay focused, we were promised the fast signature Quake gameplay that fans expect to see. In the wake of games like Battleborn and Overwatch, I thought that Quake Champions had a very “hero-shooter” vibe to it based on what we saw Sunday.

Bethesda plans to show more of the game at this year’s QuakeCon in August.

The Elder Scrolls Legends


Next up, The Elder Scrolls Legends took the stage for the second year in a row with good news. The ambitious card game will now be coming to Windows, Mac, iPad, and Android this year!

Fallout 4 DLC Packs


Fallout 4 was hyped as one of Bethesda’s most successful games to date before Todd Howard went into their plans for DLC over the coming months. The first of these is called Contraptions and launches next week. Next up will be the Vault Tech Workshop followed by the game’s final DLC pack, the amusement park themed Nuka World.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition


Much to no one’s surprise, Skyrim is getting a remastered version to be released on PC, XBOX One, and PlayStation 4. The special edition will be visually remastered for all three platforms and include mods for the console versions. While console pricing wasn’t discussed, the PC upgrade will be free to anyone who already owns Skyrim and all of its DLC.



After the Skyrim news, Arkane took the stage to demo their newest game. Surprisingly, it wasn’t Dishonored 2 (more on that later). No, this appears to be a reboot of Prey being developed at Arkane Austin. Shown off via cinematic trailer, Prey sees the main character repeatedly waking up on the same morning inside of a space station – a sort of new age Groundhog Day.

Doom DLC + Demo


After thanking the fans for making Doom a smash hit, Bethesda announced the game’s first paid DLC set to add three new multiplayer maps. They also introduced new Snap Map tools that will be available free to all players. If you haven’t checked out Doom yet, Bethesda is even giving you the chance to play the game’s first chapter absolutely free this week only. Look for the demo on PC/PS4/XB1.

The Elder Scrolls Online


The Elder Scrolls Online is getting a new playable expansion called The Dark Brotherhood (available today actually). Additionally, Bethesda’s MMO will be expanding into Japan later this month before getting a new leveling system that will help players access more of the game’s content faster this fall.

Doom & Fallout 4 in VR


Both will be available on the HTC Vive in 2017 and are playable on the show floor at E3. Not much more to say here.

Dishonored 2


Shocking no one, Bethesda chose to close out the press conference with their biggest upcoming game – Dishonored 2. The demos shown off gave a deeper look at Emily’s powers and her relationship with her father Corvo. It was confirmed that the game can be played as either Emily or Corvo and we later learned you’re even able to forego supernatural powers altogether if you choose. Dishonored 2 launches on November 11, 2016 and pre-ordering will get you a free copy of Dishonored: Definitive Edition.

Final Thoughts

Without the impact of something like last year’s Fallout 4 announcement, Bethesda’s sophomore showing at E3 wasn’t quite up to it’s first outing. If anything though, this year cemented the publisher’s ability to show new and interesting games in back to back years. It’s a far cry from the Bethesda of 5-10 years ago that was known for alternating between Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. Sure, we’re still getting those games…but they’re partnered with some ambitious new games that will likely keep eyes on Bethesda for years to come.

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