Miyamoto: Nintendo Strategically Remaining Quiet on NX

While Microsoft and Sony are publicly readying plans to iterate on their consoles, Nintendo has been quiet about its upcoming NX console. Over the past few months, all kinds of rumors about the NX have been circulating. We’ve heard that the console will be anywhere from XBOX One to Project Scropio’s in terms of power, that it will mark the return of cartridge-based systems, and even that the NX will be an integrated console and handheld platform that will play the same games across both pieces of hardware.

According to Shigeru Miyamoto, there’s a reason we still have to rely on rumors rather than official information from Nintendo itself.

In terms of NX, there’s an idea that we’re working on…that’s why we can’t share anything at this point, and I don’t want to comment on the other companies. If it was just a matter of following advancements in technology, things would be coming out a lot quicker.

Miyamoto’s quote is in line with Nintendo’s strategy over the past two hardware generations. Rather than just move the needle forward in terms of graphical power, Nintendo has tried to differentiate itself from other consoles, specifically with new control methods such as the highly successful Wii Remote and the less-than-successful Wii U Gamepad.

While it’s unclear what the NX’s key experimental feature will be, Miyamoto’s quote makes the existence of such a feature seem much more likely. If the NX is to launch in March of 2017 without question, we should be hearing more about the platform sooner rather than later.

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