Kazunori Yamauchi: PS3 was a “Nightmare”

During E3, GameSpot had a chance to interview Kazunori Yamauchi of Gran Turismo fame about the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport. While much of the interview revolved around the much anticipated sequel and how it will incorporate eSports and tournament play, Yamauchi’s standout quote was actually in reference to the PlayStation 3.

The age of the PS3 for us was sort of a nightmare. We really had to deal with this situation for a while where, ‘This is what we want to achieve, but all we can do is this.’ So there was a lot of frustration that was built up. The PS3 hardware is something that, at first glance, looks like it’s able to do this certain level of things, but in actuality, it can’t.

In terms of development, it was really really difficult and the games, after all the development efforts were put into it, were very very low. I think it was just that the balance as a piece of hardware wasn’t very good. But the PS4 is so good. This time we’re really able to do and achieve what we want to do, so it’s really fun.

While these comments don’t exactly go against the general perception that the PS3 was a difficult console to develop for, it’s surprising to hear them from a someone directly employed by Sony. While it isn’t exactly breaking news to hear that the PS3 was difficult to develop games for, hopefully Yamauchi’s comments will be fleshed out some day in the form of a retrospective or an oral history piece.

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