Overwatch Gets a New Hero

Yesterday, Blizzard revealed the first additional character for its wildly successful multiplayer shooter, Overwatch. Ana – the mother of Overwatch‘s Pharah – is a support sniper. Her abilities allow the player to provide healing for her team from a distance while still dealing significant damage to her enemies.

As shown off in her reveal trailer, Ana’s sniper rifle is able to damage enemies and heal her teammates without switching fire modes. The gun seems to automatically adapt based on who it’s being aimed at, removing the possible step of having to change fire modes. Her special abilities include a Sleep Dart that stuns enemies and a Biotic Grenade that can heal teammates and deal damage to enemies while preventing them from healing for a short time. Her ultimate grants her the ability to give a stat boost to one teammate granting faster movement, better damage resistance, and higher damage output for a short while. For a player who keeps close tabs on their teammates during a match, Ana could quickly become a force to be reckoned with.

For now though, all we know is that Ana is “coming soon.” In the meantime, here’s a great background trailer for our newest Overwatch hero…

Are you still playing Overwatch? What do you think of Ana as the game’s first new hero? Let us know in the comments below!

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