Revisiting Red Dead Redemption

Last week, Red Dead Redemption came to the current console generation through backwards compatibility on XBOX One. Luckily, the digital version of the game was also on sale last week and I jumped at the opportunity to dive back into New Austin for the third time – although I’ve never beaten the game.

Irish.jpgWhat stands out to me immediately is how well the game holds up six years after its original release. Although the premise isn’t particularly exciting in its own right, the voice acting and wildly diverse cast of characters do their part to really bring the story to life. John Marston, Bonnie MacFarlane, and her father Drew MacFalane are instantly likable in the game’s early goings and the troubles that they and other characters go through as the story develops are well developed, helping to build a more convincing, timeless world.

While the story is often looked back at as one of gaming’s best, what surprised me the most was how well the game holds up visually. Last year I played a few hours of the PlayStation 3 version and remember feeling like the image quality was very poor with muddy textures and an overall blurry image. As Digital Foundry’s video comparison shows, my memory didn’t fail me in this regard. While the 360 version runs at 720p resolution, the PS3 version ran at a sub-HD resolution of 1152 x 640.

Because I had only played the game on PS3 prior to last week, I was pleasantly suprised by how great the backwards compatible version running at 720p looks on XBOX One. After almost three years of primarily playing PS4 and XBOX One games, I haven’t once stopped and thought that Red Dead Redemption looks bad or dated in any way.


What I have thought about the game is that it holds up better than I thought it would in every way. I’m having a blast moving through the game’s early missions helping out Marshall Johnson and the MacFarlanes and plotting my revenge on Bill Williams. More importantly, I’m aiming to finally finish the game this time around. It’s been one of my gaming regrets for far too long…

Have you checked out Red Dead Redemption on XBOX One yet? Do you feel like it holds up well against the games of 2015-16? Let us know in the comments!

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