As video game retail sales have begun to stagnate in recent years, GameStop has begun shifting its focus towards new markets as a means of maintaining its growth as a company. In 2011, the retail giant began its phone trade-in program, now a pillar of the business. Just this year its new publishing arm – GameTrust – was announced, leading to the release of the first video game published by GameStop, Insomniac’s Song of the Deep.

Yesterday however, GameStop announced another strategic move by acquiring Red Skye Wireless, Inc., Midwest Cellular, Inc., and Cellular World Corp. The three AT&T Mobile retail chains will join GameStop’s growing technology business, bringing its total number of AT&T Mobile retail locations up to 1,421.

While that number doesn’t quite rival GameStop’s 7,000+ retail locations, the company’s rapid growth in the mobile industry certainly alludes to a very different GameStop ten years down the road.