E3 Predictions: PlayStation

For the last two years, Sony has been upping the ante at E3. In 2015, headlines were made with the re-reveal of The Last Guardian as well as fan favorites Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue III‘s Kickstarter launch. In 2016, Sony turned to their exclusive catalog, showing off God of WarDays GoneSpiderman PS4Crash Bandicoot 1-3 Remastered, and of course, the return of Hideo Kojima alongside his new project, Death Stranding. It seems as though Sony is due for a down year soon, but here’s a few surprises that could keep the momentum in their favor for 2017.


Bloodborne 2

Although they haven’t stated so publicly, it’s safe to assume that one of the PlayStation teams’ biggest regrets in the last decade was underestimating From Software’s Demon’s Souls, a critical darling that propelled From Software into the forefront of Japanese game development. Although Sony’s lack of confidence in the Demon’s Souls IP caused From Software to go multi-platform with its hit Dark Souls series, the two companies came together for the release of the hit PS4-exclusive Bloodborne back in 2015. Its faster pace of combat combined with the brutality of Dark Souls propelled Bloodborne to become a huge success and an instant fan favorite. Two years later, it seems like the perfect time for a return to Yarnham.


2017 Spiderman Release

One of the most unexpected headlines of E3 2016 was the announcement of Insomniac Games’ SpidermanPS4 as a PlayStation exclusive title. Coming off of the XBOX One exclusive Sunset Overdrive and the hit return to Ratchet & Clank on PS4, it was interesting to see Insomniac collaborating with Marvel and Sony on a new AAA game based on the Spiderman IP.

That having been said, I believe this was a rare well-kept surprise that’s further along in development than many think. It would make sense that some of the Sunset Overdrive team moved on to begin adapting their tool sets to another open world title with a great sense of mobility and freedom before shifting into full production on Spiderman PS4 after Ratchet & Clank’s release. I believe Sony will open their 2017 E3 Showcase with Spiderman gameplay before wowing everyone with a Fall 2017 release date.


Sucker Punch’s New IP

Sucker Punch has been nearly silent since releasing Infamous Second Son and Infamous First Light back in 2014. With most of the other Sony studios having already revealed their games, this year seems like the right time for Sucker Punch to step up and show off what they’ve been working on. After three entries in the Infamous series, I’d expect Sucker Punch to move on to their next new IP, likely sticking with the open world formula they’ve been working on with the Infamous games.


Visceral’s Star Wars Game

This past Saturday, EA took the stage to show off eight of their upcoming games, all of which will likely be released in the next year (BioWare’s Anthem being the wild card). What they didn’t show was what we can expect to see beyond the first half of 2018. With Sony seemingly securing the marketing rights to all Star Wars titles (“The Force is Strong With PlayStation”), it wouldn’t be shocking to see Visceral’s new Star Wars game show up here for a proper reveal.

A nice bonus would be seeing Amy Hennig come on stage after her widely discussed departure from Naughty Dog three years ago.




Change Your PSN ID

Although unlikely, this feature seems like a no-brainer. Almost every online service allows you to change your screen name, including XBOX Live, and many of PSN’s users have been stuck with the same ID for the better part of a decade. Users have been asking for this feature for years and this could be the E3 to finally let it happen!

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