Ubisoft Executives Bullish on Nintendo NX

With little known about the upcoming 2o17 release of the Nintendo NX, Ubisoft seems to be the only publisher talking about the platform. Speaking with MCV yesterday, Ubisoft’s EMEA boss Alain Corre spoke highly of the upcoming console: We have always appreciated the relationship with Nintendo, the co-creation and the fact that they are really concentrating on quality – they have fantastic brands…and they are addressing … Continue reading Ubisoft Executives Bullish on Nintendo NX

Roundup: EA at Star Wars Celebration

This past weekend, thousands of Star Wars fans gathered in London to celebrate all things from a galaxy far far away. Among those were a handful of announcements and teases from EA about their upcoming Star Wars games. Here’s a look at some of the information that was teased about a couple of upcoming projects… Star Wars Battlefront – Death Star & Rogue One DLC It’s no surprise that Star Wars Battlefront … Continue reading Roundup: EA at Star Wars Celebration

Pokemon GO Takes Nintendo’s Stock to New Five Year High

When the Tokyo Stock Exchange closed on Friday, July 15th, Nintendo’s stock had grown by over 70% in just seven days, reaching its highest value in over five years. Nintendo – long known for its gaming hardware – amazingly enough hasn’t even released a product of its own in that timeframe. The stock’s growth can instead be attributed to Pokémon GO, a mobile app released by The Pokémon … Continue reading Pokemon GO Takes Nintendo’s Stock to New Five Year High

Nintendo Announces NES Classic Edition

Yesterday, Nintendo announced a new console…well, sort of. The NES Classic Edition – or NES Classic Mini in Europe – aims to capture fans of retro gaming when it launches on November 11th, but also has a price tag that will likely make it one of the most popular gifts on the market this holiday. $59.99. While the NES Classic Edition feels like Nintendo’s answer to the … Continue reading Nintendo Announces NES Classic Edition

Revisiting Red Dead Redemption

Last week, Red Dead Redemption came to the current console generation through backwards compatibility on XBOX One. Luckily, the digital version of the game was also on sale last week and I jumped at the opportunity to dive back into New Austin for the third time – although I’ve never beaten the game. What stands out to me immediately is how well the game holds up six years after … Continue reading Revisiting Red Dead Redemption

Overwatch Gets a New Hero

Yesterday, Blizzard revealed the first additional character for its wildly successful multiplayer shooter, Overwatch. Ana – the mother of Overwatch‘s Pharah – is a support sniper. Her abilities allow the player to provide healing for her team from a distance while still dealing significant damage to her enemies. As shown off in her reveal trailer, Ana’s sniper rifle is able to damage enemies and heal her teammates without … Continue reading Overwatch Gets a New Hero

Rocket League to Implement New Loot System

Last week, Reddit user TheSgtPunishment posted leaked assets from Rocket League that appeared to show a loot crate and key, possibly similar to the types of systems used for cosmetic items in Overwatch and Destiny. While the game has a wide variety of cosmetic items available in game, there are currently only a select few licensed items – including cars from Back to the Future and Batman vs. Superman – that must … Continue reading Rocket League to Implement New Loot System

Pokémon Go is Taking Over the World

Last week, Nintendo made a huge splash in the mobile gaming market with the launch of Pokémon Go, a free-to-play take on becoming the very best like no one ever was. The game has a simple concept: walk around your neighborhood to move your character on the game’s map in search of Pokémon, items, and gym battles. To me, the craziest thing about Pokémon Go isn’t how quickly … Continue reading Pokémon Go is Taking Over the World

No Man’s Sky Has Gone Gold

It’s been a rough couple of months for No Man’s Sky. On May 25th, Kotaku reported that the much anticipated space exploration game had been delayed from June 21st into “at least July or August.” Later that week, the delay was confirmed, leading to a number of death threats for the Jason Schreier – the Kotaku reporter who broke the story – and Sean Murray – … Continue reading No Man’s Sky Has Gone Gold

Evolve Moves Towards Free-to-Play Model

After an incredible series of previews leading up to launch, Evolve released to somewhat mixed reviews and a bit of controversy surrounding the game’s DLC plan. From there, the title was often critiqued as a free-to-play game with a $60 price tag by gamers frustrated with the amount of DLC that Turtle Rock was pushing out alongside the game (over $130 of DLC at launch). After nearly … Continue reading Evolve Moves Towards Free-to-Play Model