Nintendo May be Developing a Smartphone Controller

In an interview with Polygon, Nintendo’s General Manager of Entertainment Planning and Development – Shinya Takashi – may be hinting an an upcoming smartphone controller to be used with Nintendo’s future mobile offerings. Physical controllers for smart device applications are available in the market and it is possible that we may also develop something new by ourselves. Takashi’s comments come just before Nintendo is to … Continue reading Nintendo May be Developing a Smartphone Controller

Miyamoto: Star Fox Zero has been Overlooked

In an E3 interview with GameInformer, Shigeru Miyamoto was asked which game he feels hasn’t gotten quite enough love. Here was his response… I think personally Star Fox is a really fun game if you sit down and play it. I think, for example, an elementary school kid who plays it without any preconceived notions, I think it would be really fun for them. I … Continue reading Miyamoto: Star Fox Zero has been Overlooked

Rumor Roundup: PlayStation Neo

After Sony confirmed Neo’s existence just before E3, the company then chose to keep quiet about the new console throughout the expo. Since then however, rumors have been swirling while Sony has tried to clarify its motivation behind iterating within the console cycle for the first time. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal published an analyst quote surmising a September announcement for the Neo, along with the possible announcement of … Continue reading Rumor Roundup: PlayStation Neo

(UPDATE: It’s Real) BioShock Remastered Collection May be Imminent

Update (6/30/16, 10:00am): Well, it looks like the announcement was indeed imminent. BioShock: The Collection has been announced for release on September 13, 2016. The games have been visually remastered and will run at 1080p/60fps on PS4 and XB1. The remastered versions of BioShock and BioShock 2 will also be coming to PC with updated visuals. All three games will include all of the single-player DLC packs … Continue reading (UPDATE: It’s Real) BioShock Remastered Collection May be Imminent

Kazunori Yamauchi: PS3 was a “Nightmare”

During E3, GameSpot had a chance to interview Kazunori Yamauchi of Gran Turismo fame about the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport. While much of the interview revolved around the much anticipated sequel and how it will incorporate eSports and tournament play, Yamauchi’s standout quote was actually in reference to the PlayStation 3. The age of the PS3 for us was sort of a nightmare. We really had to deal with … Continue reading Kazunori Yamauchi: PS3 was a “Nightmare”

Miyamoto: Nintendo Strategically Remaining Quiet on NX

While Microsoft and Sony are publicly readying plans to iterate on their consoles, Nintendo has been quiet about its upcoming NX console. Over the past few months, all kinds of rumors about the NX have been circulating. We’ve heard that the console will be anywhere from XBOX One to Project Scropio’s in terms of power, that it will mark the return of cartridge-based systems, and even that the … Continue reading Miyamoto: Nintendo Strategically Remaining Quiet on NX

Initial Impressions: Fallout 4

One of the most obvious gaps in my gaming experience is that I’ve never put significant time into a Fallout or Elder Scrolls game. While an RPG will occasionally grab my attention, it’s not a genre I typically seek out. As a result, both of these franchises have slipped through the cracks…until now, of course. Recently, a pricing error on XBOX Live made Fallout 4 available for free to … Continue reading Initial Impressions: Fallout 4

Vince Zampella on Modern Warfare Remastered

During E3 last week, Eurogamer had a chance to interview Vince Zampella about his team’s upcoming game, Titanfall 2. Although the focus was squarely on the future for Zampella and the team at Respawn Entertainment, the interviewer was able to get Vince’s basic sentiment on Modern Warfare Remastered. In short, he wants to make sure that the developers “don’t fuck it up…” I told them – Don’t … Continue reading Vince Zampella on Modern Warfare Remastered

Smartphones Could be Playing GameBoy Cartridges in 2016

One announcement that flew under the radar last week at E3 was that of Hyperkin’s new Smart Boy peripheral. Known for its SupaBoy and RetroN 5 consoles, Hyperkin is no stranger to retro gaming hardware. The Smart Boy is a bit of a departure however, promising the ability to use your smartphone – android only for the time being – as an emulator for actual cartridge games. … Continue reading Smartphones Could be Playing GameBoy Cartridges in 2016

Criterion’s “Beyond Cars” Project Cancelled

Last year at E3, Criterion Games showed off a new IP in the early creative stages. Promising to move “beyond cars” with this title, footage was shown of a variety of vehicles from snowmobiles to helicopters. Just last month I predicted that EA would give this project a full reveal during their E3 press conference. After a no show at E3, we learned today that … Continue reading Criterion’s “Beyond Cars” Project Cancelled