Vince Zampella on Modern Warfare Remastered

During E3 last week, Eurogamer had a chance to interview Vince Zampella about his team’s upcoming game, Titanfall 2. Although the focus was squarely on the future for Zampella and the team at Respawn Entertainment, the interviewer was able to get Vince’s basic sentiment on Modern Warfare Remastered. In short, he wants to make sure that the developers “don’t fuck it up…” I told them – Don’t … Continue reading Vince Zampella on Modern Warfare Remastered

Smartphones Could be Playing GameBoy Cartridges in 2016

One announcement that flew under the radar last week at E3 was that of Hyperkin’s new Smart Boy peripheral. Known for its SupaBoy and RetroN 5 consoles, Hyperkin is no stranger to retro gaming hardware. The Smart Boy is a bit of a departure however, promising the ability to use your smartphone – android only for the time being – as an emulator for actual cartridge games. … Continue reading Smartphones Could be Playing GameBoy Cartridges in 2016

Criterion’s “Beyond Cars” Project Cancelled

Last year at E3, Criterion Games showed off a new IP in the early creative stages. Promising to move “beyond cars” with this title, footage was shown of a variety of vehicles from snowmobiles to helicopters. Just last month I predicted that EA would give this project a full reveal during their E3 press conference. After a no show at E3, we learned today that … Continue reading Criterion’s “Beyond Cars” Project Cancelled

Will PlayStation Neo/4K Launch in 2016?

For what feels like months now, rumors have been swirling about a mid-cycle upgrade for the PS4 and XBOX One. Although Sony and Microsoft remained tight-lipped about their iterative console strategy in the months before E3, both companies eventually revealed the existence of new boxes. Microsoft took a more traditional approach with their announcement, opting to close out their E3 press conference with a spec tease … Continue reading Will PlayStation Neo/4K Launch in 2016?

Microsoft puts XBOX One DVR on Hold

Back at the XBOX One’s announcement event in 2013, Microsoft infamously placed the bulk of it’s focus on Kinect, sports, and – most importantly – TV. While Microsoft has altered their messaging since then, many of the console’s early influences remain, including voice commands with Kinect and the ability to run a cable box through the XBOX hardware. One of the best features implemented as a result … Continue reading Microsoft puts XBOX One DVR on Hold

Persona 5 Release Date, Injustice 2 Leak, & Bethesda Rumors

The week before E3 continues to provide plenty of news, rumors, and speculation! After a crazy news day on Monday, yesterday gave us more release date announcements, a high-profile marketing leak, and even more rumors about Bethesda’s upcoming E3 showcase. No need to waste any time, let’s get right into it… Persona 5 (NA Release Date, Special Editions) Since its original announcement, Persona 5‘s fans have been ravenous for information. … Continue reading Persona 5 Release Date, Injustice 2 Leak, & Bethesda Rumors

Pre-E3 Monday News Roundup

As developers and publishers look to get as much publicity as possible during E3, the announcements inevitably have started to come earlier and earlier and this year is no exception. Considering that E3 hasn’t even begun yet, yesterday was a pretty crazy news day between all of the leaks, delays, teases, and new trailers.

Luckily, there’s plenty to break down from the rush of news…

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Watch Dogs 2 Confirmed for E3?

While the Watch_Dogs sequel was a pretty safe bet for E3 2016 given its fall release window, nothing has been officially confirmed by Ubisoft. However,  YouTuber theRadBrad posted what seems to be an official marketing kit for the upcoming game captioned “Thanks @Ubisoft for the Watch Dogs 2 gift box.” This follows a series of leaks from Kotaku and the game’s supposed lead actor that have suggested Watch_Dogs 2 will take … Continue reading Watch Dogs 2 Confirmed for E3?

Destiny: Rise of Iron Expansion Leaked

Update (5/20/16): While I stated below that the raid included in Rise of Iron is based on one originally cut from House of Wolves, that information has since been walked back on Kotaku’s article as incorrect. The raid was built from scratch and started last year. As was originally stated the raid will indeed have a Fallen focus, but with a twist per Kotaku.

Original Story: Yesterday, Reddit user viking805fan shared an image of what appeared to be a promotional poster for Destiny: Rise of Iron. There was some concern about its authenticity since a similar image had been posted earlier in the day by another user who later deleted the image and his entire account. However, with his excellent connections to Bungie, Jason Schreier at Kotaku was quicklky on the case.

Last night, Jason was able to confirm through his sources that Destiny: Rise of Iron is in fact the name of an expansion pack slated for September 2016 and that the marketing materials are authentic.

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Return to Arkham: Too Little Too Late?

Remastered games have become ubiquitous this generation with nearly every major publisher getting in on the action. We’ve seen remasters of games in the UnchartedGears of WarHaloResident Evil, and Zelda series and those are far from the only examples. Despite being from different publishers, genres, etc…all of those series do have one thing in common.

They each preceded a new major entry in the franchise.

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