E3 Predictions: Bethesda

In recent years, Bethesda has gone from new kid on the block to E3, officially wrapping up the first day of press conferences. The interesting thing about Bethesda conferences is that they tend to go for less quantity and more quality. Ultimately, they typically eschew rapid-fire teasers and engage in prolonged discussions and demos of their upcoming titles and it is a welcome change. There … Continue reading E3 Predictions: Bethesda

E3 Predictions: Microsoft

Ever since they introduced the gaming world to the concept of Scorpio at E3 last year, Microsoft has been working overtime to repair their image with hardcore gamers. Promising a high-powered console that would essentially represent a generational leap is a bold move for Microsoft, but if they can nail the messaging and succeed on the vision, this could be one heck of an E3. … Continue reading E3 Predictions: Microsoft

E3 Schedule & Plans

So E3 is just two days away. With five press conferences just around the corner, I wanted to use today’s post to lay out the upcoming conference schedule and let you in on Non-Linear Gaming’s plans for coverage… Conference Schedule Credit to Cheesemeister on Twitter for this incredibly helpful graph! Coverage Plans I’m typically a sucker for E3 and this year is no different. As … Continue reading E3 Schedule & Plans

Pre-E3 Monday News Roundup

As developers and publishers look to get as much publicity as possible during E3, the announcements inevitably have started to come earlier and earlier and this year is no exception. Considering that E3 hasn’t even begun yet, yesterday was a pretty crazy news day between all of the leaks, delays, teases, and new trailers.

Luckily, there’s plenty to break down from the rush of news…

Continue reading “Pre-E3 Monday News Roundup”