GameStop Continues to Diversify, Acquires 507 AT&T Mobile Stores

As video game retail sales have begun to stagnate in recent years, GameStop has begun shifting its focus towards new markets as a means of maintaining its growth as a company. In 2011, the retail giant began its phone trade-in program, now a pillar of the business. Just this year its new publishing arm – GameTrust – was announced, leading to the release of the first video game … Continue reading GameStop Continues to Diversify, Acquires 507 AT&T Mobile Stores

GameTrust: Preparing for the Death of Physical Games

About three months ago, Insomniac Games revealed it’s newest game: Song of the Deep. A smaller, lower budget project than some of Insomniac’s other offerings, the most interesting thing about Song of the Deep wasn’t it’s beautiful aesthetic or it’s reveal trailer. What surprised people most about the titled was that it is to be published by GameStop. The retail chain.

Today, GameStop doubled down on this initiative by announcing GameTrust, a division of the company focused on publishing 5-10 independent games in the next year. In addition to Insomniac, GameTrust has announced it will fund upcoming projects from Ready at Dawn, Tequila Works, and Frozenbyte. As it is currently outlined, GameTrust’s strategy will be focused on the funding and distribution of these games rather than on the creative side of the development process. What does it mean, then, when a games retail giant like GameStop is looking towards the other side of the industry for growth?

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