E3 Predictions: Microsoft

Ever since they introduced the gaming world to the concept of Scorpio at E3 last year, Microsoft has been working overtime to repair their image with hardcore gamers. Promising a high-powered console that would essentially represent a generational leap is a bold move for Microsoft, but if they can nail the messaging and succeed on the vision, this could be one heck of an E3. … Continue reading E3 Predictions: Microsoft

XBOX 360: A Look in the Rearview

In the fall of 2005, I was just two months into college. As a full-time student without a job, large gaming expenses weren’t in the cards for me. So, when the XBOX 360 came out that November, I watched from the sidelines through sites like IGN and GameSpot. Over the next year, more 360s started to make their way into the dorms and my envy continued to grow.

My first memory of the XBOX 360 was in a friend’s dorm room at the start of my sophomore year, just a little under a year after the console launched. I remember being absolutely blown away as he played the Normandy beach level in the hyped up sequel to Call of Duty (not the Big Red One). From that point on, I had to have one. That Christmas, I was lucky enough to get my 360, Call of Duty 2, and a spare controller from my parents. For the rest of my time in college, the 360 played a critical role.

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