PAX East Impressions: Move or Die

Move or Die is unequivocally chaotic. Whether you’re playing alone against bots or against opponents online, it’s the kind of game that can keep you hooked for hours. Where it really shines though, is with three friends by your side playing against one another locally.

I had a chance to check out Move or Die in those exact circumstances at PAX East last month and said at the time that it was my game of the show. After some reflection, I stand by that declaration. If that on its own doesn’t sell you though, here’s what the game is all about…

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PAX East Recap

In its seventh year, PAX East has continued to grow in size and in relevance. This year’s show floor was expansive, packed with everything from the smallest of indie games to the biggest upcoming titles from major publishers like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Here’s a look at my Saturday from PAX East 2016…

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