E3 2016: Bethesda Press Conference

After EA’s less-than-stellar press conference on Sunday, Bethesda took to their stage to let the world know what they have in the pipeline and they started off with a bang… Quake Champions Bethesda kicked off their conference with a bang, showing off a trailer for the first Quake game in nearly ten years. While the trailer wasn’t gameplay focused, we were promised the fast signature Quake gameplay that fans … Continue reading E3 2016: Bethesda Press Conference

Persona 5 Release Date, Injustice 2 Leak, & Bethesda Rumors

The week before E3 continues to provide plenty of news, rumors, and speculation! After a crazy news day on Monday, yesterday gave us more release date announcements, a high-profile marketing leak, and even more rumors about Bethesda’s upcoming E3 showcase. No need to waste any time, let’s get right into it… Persona 5 (NA Release Date, Special Editions) Since its original announcement, Persona 5‘s fans have been ravenous for information. … Continue reading Persona 5 Release Date, Injustice 2 Leak, & Bethesda Rumors

Bethesda at E3

Every year in June, the video game industry heads to Los Angeles for a week of showmanship at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Companies debut their upcoming software and hardware, allowing the press and those with industry credentials to get a sneak peak at what they have to offer. The highlight of every E3 is undoubtedly the press conferences that kick off the show. Publishers and … Continue reading Bethesda at E3