XBOX One Discounted for Limited Time

According to a tweet from XBOX’s Major Nelson on Sunday, 500GB XBOX One consoles are set to be discounted to $249 for a limited time starting immediately: Starting today and for a limited time in the US: All 500GB Xbox One Consoles will be $249 — Larry Hryb (@majornelson) July 24, 2016 This sale price comes after a string of recent bundle deals leading up … Continue reading XBOX One Discounted for Limited Time

Pressure Mounting for Sony to Allow Cross-Network Play

Back in March of this year, ID@XBOX head Chris Charla made headlines by saying that Microsoft would begin to allow cross-network play with PC as well as other consoles. While nothing was guaranteed, Charla summarized that the new policy would allow “players on Xbox One and Windows 10 using Xbox Live…to play with players on different online multiplayer networks–including other consoles and PC networks.” In … Continue reading Pressure Mounting for Sony to Allow Cross-Network Play

Rocket League to Implement New Loot System

Last week, Reddit user TheSgtPunishment posted leaked assets from Rocket League that appeared to show a loot crate and key, possibly similar to the types of systems used for cosmetic items in Overwatch and Destiny. While the game has a wide variety of cosmetic items available in game, there are currently only a select few licensed items – including cars from Back to the Future and Batman vs. Superman – that must … Continue reading Rocket League to Implement New Loot System

E3 2016: XBOX Press Conference

Microsoft kicked off E3 Monday with our third press conference of the week. With hype levels rising before the show and leaked hardware and strategy announcements galore, the stage was set for Microsoft to have a huge day today and that’s exactly what they did… XBOX One S – New Model The first of two major hardware announcements today was the XBOX One S. Starting … Continue reading E3 2016: XBOX Press Conference

Microsoft puts XBOX One DVR on Hold

Back at the XBOX One’s announcement event in 2013, Microsoft infamously placed the bulk of it’s focus on Kinect, sports, and – most importantly – TV. While Microsoft has altered their messaging since then, many of the console’s early influences remain, including voice commands with Kinect and the ability to run a cable box through the XBOX hardware. One of the best features implemented as a result … Continue reading Microsoft puts XBOX One DVR on Hold

GameTrust: Preparing for the Death of Physical Games

About three months ago, Insomniac Games revealed it’s newest game: Song of the Deep. A smaller, lower budget project than some of Insomniac’s other offerings, the most interesting thing about Song of the Deep wasn’t it’s beautiful aesthetic or it’s reveal trailer. What surprised people most about the titled was that it is to be published by GameStop. The retail chain.

Today, GameStop doubled down on this initiative by announcing GameTrust, a division of the company focused on publishing 5-10 independent games in the next year. In addition to Insomniac, GameTrust has announced it will fund upcoming projects from Ready at Dawn, Tequila Works, and Frozenbyte. As it is currently outlined, GameTrust’s strategy will be focused on the funding and distribution of these games rather than on the creative side of the development process. What does it mean, then, when a games retail giant like GameStop is looking towards the other side of the industry for growth?

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Most Anticipated Games of 2016

A few days ago I was scrolling through GameInformer’s list of upcoming releases to help plan out the games (and hardware) that I’ll be buying throughout the rest of the year. The first thing I was shocked to find was just how many titles were on the list. Starting with tomorrow’s releases, there are 418 more releases confirmed for 2016. Here are some of my most anticipated games on that list and why I’m excited for them.

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